Friday, April 25, 2008

five (friday)

Wow how time flies. I am now into day five of no food. I have had ten enemas this week. Yesterday was a huge mucoid plaque day...

I dumped out a piece around 8 inches long yesterday morning, and then in the evening, a few more really good sized hunks. This stuff is difficult to miss. It looks like a fluffly chain of poop balls, a little over an inch wide. The smell that accompanies it is unmistakable. It's a unique dank musk, that lays heavy on the nose. Although it is a potent, individual smell, it hasn't been overwhelming. I'm not stinking up any bathrooms.

The BM last night also contained some dark brown "turdwater" at the end. I am talking about a steady stream being delivered from the rectum directly to the bottom of the bowl, like a mud firehose. I do not know what this is.

This morning's enema yielded a measly scrap of mucoid plaque, maybe 3-4 inches. I feel like I might've peaked in my output. We'll what see tonight brings.

My tongue is still coated pretty well. I can taste and feel it in my mouth...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

four (thursday)

Day four is here. It's very encouraging. I've made it pretty far. Any thoughts I had about being done early were gone yesterday after my evening enema. I saw some real mucoid plaque come out. Not the little stringies I thought were significant yesterday. I'm talking about short chains of ribbed/bubbled brown sludge, one about 4 inches long, and one about 6 or 7. Each were over an inch wide. Some dirty rotten stink accompanied them. It was incredible to look down and see that in the bowl. It looked like they had been molded out of my intestines.

Needless to say, I plan to continue on with the cleanse, as I'm now getting to the really good stuff.

My tongue over the past couple days has been developing a greasy white coat. I can feel it against the roof of my mouth as very slippery, and slimy. I'm moving some snot in the morning still, but I don't feel that much sinus congestion at all.

This is great...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

three (wednesday)

Ok. Into day three now. Food cravings are still with me for sure, but it's taste and texture I'm after. My stomach isn't hungry, only my mouth. I've now had six enemas.

Ladies and gentlemen- mucoid plaque! I think that's what it was anyway. I saw a couple short stringy translucent things in the bowl last night. (the enema water has been coming out clear). That is encouraging. This morning I saw a couple more, very tiny. I think it's mucoid plaque, not sure really though. It might be a long chain of mucilaginous psyllium. I really have no idea.

I have to do some more research, because I thought by now I should be expelling some real grimy stuff. Maybe I'm a lot cleaner than I thought, or maybe it is lodged in very deep.

If I'm nice and clean I will be done with this whole experiment. I'm dying for an english muffin. No sense in washing a clean colon. I'll definitely give it the rest of the day and tomorrow to figure out what's going on.

My tongue today is similar to yesterday, with a thicker white coat. No camera this morning, sorry. The thickness of the coat leads me to believe that there may be more gunk to be purged. Time will tell...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

two (tuesday)

So I survived day one. Hunger wasn't too bad at all. I had more cravings for the taste of things than the actual desire to eat. It's a bit labor intensive, this regimen. Lucky I don't have anything else to do all week.

I've now had four enemas. Interesting, this last one. I think I've made some progress in the descending colon. When I first started to go, all that came out was clear water. Then there was a pause, and then round two brought the normal dirty, murky stuff that I'm used to. I'm still passing some solid pieces, although I can't get a good look at them. The smell has gotten markedly less drastic too. So that is good.

Although this picture doesn't really show it too well, there is a pretty decent white coat on my tongue. It's common for the tongue coating to get thicker during a cleanse, and then dissipate.

One thing is for sure, my sinuses feel a lot different already. I haven't used the neti pot in a couple weeks. I was getting morning stuffiness, congestion headaches, and some sneezing (the sneezing, sadly, could simply indicate that I haven't been around any real plants in a while...). Now, my sinuses feel more clear, still some stuffiness in the morning, but it is very loose and easily removed.

Mentally I feel clear, and alert. Yesterday I felt the same way, and then I tapered off in the evening to become drowsy and indifferent; I'm sure Rebecca will corroborate that.

I have a lot of little proects I'd like to attend to this week. But the temptation of surfing the internet and watching movies is very strong. We'll see what actually gets done...

Monday, April 21, 2008

one (monday)

The first day is underway. I've already got two enemas under my belt (so to speak...) and I think I'm getting the hang of this routine. It's a good thing I have nothing to do this week that really requires getting out of the house, since I feel like it's always time to whip up some sort of drink, or I have to poop.

To prepare for this cleanse, Saturday and Sunday I adhered to a diet of fruits, fruit juices, steamed vegetables, and a little plain oatmeal and brown rice. This simple diet is recommended for a week to prevent cleansing reactions, but since I eat pretty clean foods anyway, I fast tracked it a little.

The first enema was last night, a sort of initiation ritual into cleansing mode. What a beautiful way to end a weekend. I only filled the bag half way, figured I'd go easy on myself the first time. Whoa. That's a big half. When the water's in, I feel that vague fullness, and some radiating cool tingling down my legs and in my adbomen. It's wild.

I had a BM yesterday, but the enema chased out some lingering hooligans. It was pretty disgusting, but pretty satisfying at the same time. I'm trying to get a good look at what comes out, but all I could see was a brown murky toilet bowl. I know there were some pretty good sized nuggets in there though; when I flushed, some of them peeked out of the surface for a moment.

I'll be photgraphing my tongue every morning at 6am. It will be interesting to see how the coating changes, if at all. This morning looks like my normal tongue, kinda dusky, yellowish in the rear, with a redder tip.

This morning I gave myself a full bag enema. Hell yea. There wasn't much to look at though, just a turbid brown toilet bowl, and some paltry scraps. The amount of fecal matter wasn't impressive, but the smell was like rotting fruit. I'll be glad to get that business out of my system!

I have a suspicion that right now I am removing some superficial layers, hence the cloudy water and big smells. Maybe by Wednesday I'll be into the mucoid plaque?